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The easiest and fastest way to cancel the subscription plan is to click on this link and go into your account on our website.


The easiest and fastest way to cancel the subscription plan is to click on this link and go into your account on our website.


You can change your credit card information by going to our website and clicking on “My Account” in the upper right corner.
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We ship all orders within 24 hours. We will process all orders received on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays on the next business day following that particular day.

Depending on if you reside the US or Internationally. If you are in the US, 2-5 days is average delivery times. If you are an International customer, 7-10 days.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all boxes. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, either call us or email us and we will be happy to assist you with your return. We also have a 1 year warranty on the product, so if something happens and it stops working, call us or email us and we will take care of you.

We ship either USPS, UPS or FedEx depending on locations and cost.
Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number and carrier. You can track your order on their websites.


We sell our boxes on our website (which is where you are now) or from either of our 2 locations.

Our site is fully secure with SSL and 256 bit encryption – consider our security as stong (maybe even stronger) than your banks!

We can install our software on most Android devices. Email or call Tech Support or 844 595-1299

You will find everything you need to know about BoomBoom TV by Clicking Here


We can install our software on most Android devices. Email or call Tech Support or 844 595-1299

While the Android TV Boxes do get live streams of all of the major network channels, they are most likely not from your local area. We suggest getting an antenna that is designed to get local channels through the air.

Click here to learn more about HD Antennas.

Click here to learn more about our Premium Live Streaming TV.

The Android TV box can run one TV at a time. However due to its small size and ease of hooking it up it can be moved from TV to TV very easily.

Tip – If you connect an extra HDMI cord to your second TV you will only need to transfer power cable to your second TV.

This will save you the trouble of moving the HDMI cable each time you want to switch televisions.

Yes, Multiple ’s can be used at one time off of the same internet connection. Please note that multiple ’s running at the same time will demand a faster internet connection. We recommend 10 Mbps per unit. So for 2 units we would recommend a 20 Mbps internet connection.

Yes you can still continue to use pay services such as Netflix or Hulu.

No. The laws state that downloading, possessing, distributing or profiting from copy written material is illegal. When you are streaming a TV show or movie you are not downloading it and are never in possession of it. Once the TV show or movie is done streaming all of the data from that stream is gone from your unit.

Yes, all of the current models come with built in Bluetooth.

All of our boxes run Android 6.0.1. Marshmallow.

Because the Android TV Boxes run on the Android operating system you can do everything you can do on an android phone or tablet. You are able to download any of the 800,000+ android applications from the app store. You can surf the web, watch Youtube videos, check emails, play games (We recommend this USB gaming controller, which you will find in Accessories by Clicking Here) and just about anything else that a normal android device can do.

Our Android TV box currently offers the KDPlayer. We update this media center as we see appropriate.

The Android TV Boxes come with our Download Application already installed. The Download Application will keep all of your streaming applications up-to-date with the latest free add-ons and latest versions of all streaming applications!

All of the free KDPlayer addons on the boxes automatically update themselves.

Yes, all of the free KDPlayer addons that come on our units update their content offerings daily. This means that you can watch all of the latest video releases the same day they are added to the KDPlayer addon.

Yes, every TV Box is quality tested before it ships out to a customer. We offer a no questions asked 1 year warranty on each unit (Physical damage and Water damage caused by the customer is not included in this warranty.)

We offer both technical support and customer support via our help desk, phone, and chat. To create a ticket now Click Here

While you are able to download video content onto the hard drive of our products, we do not condone downloading copy written material. As everything can be viewed on demand we see no reason to record or download any of the content.

Yes you can connect an external hard drive to both of our models via a USB cord. However some external hard drives draw too much power for the USB port to provide. This more often happens with large external hard drives of 1 Tb or bigger. In this case you will need to provide your external hard drive with an external power source. These products can be found at almost any electronics store.

Unfortunately the KDPlayer is not able to block content by rating. However within the media center you can set a master password that needs to be entered in order to be able to open certain genres of content. For example you can place a password on video content, but leave music content open.

Absolutely not! All of the content and programs that come preloaded on the android TV boxes are completely free. We will never ask for monthly fees. Programs like Netflix and Hulu still require a monthly subscription.

Yes you can truly watch almost any live sporting event from all over the world. While we cannot guarantee that more obscure sports will have every game 99% of every live sporting event in the world is available to be viewed on the Android TV Box . While some streams may be in HD, most streams will be broadcast in standard definition. It does not matter what region of the country or the world you are in. None of the live sports are blocked by geographical location. For the more avid sports enthusiast we are constantly searching and testing  for live/low cost HD TV providers.

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The Android TV boxes come with a standard remote control. We suggest purchasing the Air Mouse for better functionality when using the box. Click on the mouse to see in Accessories.

Make sure the power plug is pushed into the all the way and the other end is plugged into a wall unit that has power. If both ends of the power cord are connected properly and you have tested it on multiple power outlets and the unit is still not turning on.

Click here to create a Help Desk ticket

Make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged in all the way for both the and your TV. Make sure your TV is on the correct source for the HDMI input that the is plugged into.

Click settings. Click Display, Click Screen position. Adjust until the screen fits your TV using the plus and minus symbols or the Zoom In/Zoom Out and then click back.

Click settings. Click Network. Click Wifi, Click on your Wifi network. Enter Password (Make sure the password is correct, Click symbols to add any symbols that may be in your password)

If you are completely unfamiliar with how to use the Android Operating system or how to use a certain Android feature please search the internet for a guide to using Android 5.1 or 6 or search the internet on how to use the feature that you are trying to use. There are many sources on the internet that offer excellent tutorials on how to fully utilize the Android operating system.

Simply plug in the USB dongle that comes with your wireless USB keyboard or mouse into one of the USB ports on the Android TV Box. You do not need to reboot your Android TV Box, your USB device should begin working once you have plugged in your USB device.

To enable Bluetooth click on Settings, Add accessory. Now turn on Bluetooth. The unit will start searching for Bluetooth devices. Follow the pairing instructions for the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect and you should be good to go.

While this is possible to do, we do not support or offer customer support for this feature. There are many websites that offer support to do this, but we do not sell the Android TV Box to do this. If you want to hook up the Android TV Box to a home network we suggest researching online to figure out how to do this. UR Gadget Doctors does not offer support in doing this.

The version of Android that is on your unit is currently the most stable version of Android for TV Boxes. You can upgrade to a newer version of Android because the Android TV Box is completely open and rooted, but we do not recommend doing this and we do not offer support in upgrading your Android TV Box to a newer version of Android or any problems that you may encounter if you do upgrade your Android operating system.

Click Settings. Click Display, Click Screen position, Press the Minus and Plus symbols or the Zoom In/Zoom Out to adjust the display to your TV. Click back.

Click Settings, Other, More Settings, Scroll down to Date & Time and click on it, Click Automatic Date & Time, or adjust manually. Also make sure to adjust the Time Zone to match your location.

Here is how to connect an external hard drive to your .Plug the USB cord into one of the USB ports on your Android TV Box. Connect the other connection plug into your external hard drive.

As your Android TV bov relies on your internet connection to stream video content, it is very important that you have a reliable and fast internet connection.

Power – Powers the unit on and off

Some larger external hard drives, usually 500 Gb or larger draw more power to be able to run then the USB ports on your unit can produce.

(First click on tv shows) then click the double dots at the top which will then take you back one page. Then go down to tv shows and click enter. From there you can search many different ways. If you go all the way at the bottom of the screen you can use the search tool to locate the exact show you are looking for.

Click Here to see a video showing you how to put batteries in the MX3 Air Mouse.