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Exodus is now Covenant, read more to find out how to update for the best streaming!

Covenant = Exodus

The Exodus add-on is no longer being maintained by the developers. The developers of Exodus have just released the Covenant add-on. It looks and functions exactly like Exodus.

We highly recommend opening the BUILDS and UPDATES app and doing the update (Update will delete all of your favorites, Add-ons you have added, Real Debrid and BOOMBOOM TV login information.) This will remove the Exodus add-on and replace it on your home screen with the Covenant add-on.

You are free to not install this update and to continue to use Exodus. However over the next few weeks it will get less and less sources and will eventually die. We highly recommend jumping on board with Covenant instead of sticking to a dying add-on.

IMPORTANT – Covenant was released less than 24 hours ago. It has a minor bug where it will crash Kodi the first time it is searching for sources for links. After this initial crash it will work perfectly fine. The developers are aware of this and are going to push an update to fix this issue.

You are able to install Real Debrid exactly the same way you did in Exodus.