Has your smartphone been water damaged?

Have you spilled liquid on your laptop?

Have you got a damaged a port on your motherboard?

Have you been told that it “cannot be repaired”?

Perhaps your device just isn’t doing what it should and all you know is that it has a “hardware issue”.

Damaging something microscopic on a device doesn’t always mean it has to be replaced.

What if you repaired a device (or had one repaired) and something unrelated does not work afterwards?

Maybe your laptop doesn’t turn on and all you get is a flashing Caps Lock light.

Maybe your device is no longer charging (or you have to hold it on an angle) and the part responsible does not just “plug in”.

Whatever the reason for your visit, you’ll be happy to know UR Gadget Doctors Micro Soldering can help.

Give us a call to discuss your problem with one of our Gadget Doctors at (856) 787-8486