More cellphones meet their demise from exposure to moisture than from any other cause--so we've all got a vested interest in waterproof phones. In the past, a user who wanted to protect their phone had to buy a watertight case like life proof, and thus double the size of the device. Last year, the company P2i introduced a less clunky approach: coating devices in invisible, water-repelling nano-polymers. But that solution only guarded against splashes, not submersion. Two companies, HzO in Utah and Liquipel in California, have now refined the technique to make devices resistant to both spills and dunks.

Both companies use similar application processes to bond the nano-polymers to phones. They place the devices, inside a sealed chamber, vacuum the air out, and inject a carbon-based gas. The vapor settles on the object and solidifies in a transparent layer that's one thousandth the thickness of a human hair. When water hits a protected surface, it beads up and rolls off. UR Gadget Doctors is now the proud owner of an Automatic Vacuum Nano-Coating Machine fresh off the boat from China and being skeptical as all engineers are we put it to the Brad and Jon test. We were hesitant as we are with all new technology but this one surprised and delighted us. This qualified as cool technology. Watch the demo.

So we are running a special and will nano coat any phone for $19.99 where most companies are charging $39.99 or more. So If your children or you are taking their phone into the bathroom, by the pool or to the beach this technology can save you a bundle for $19.99.

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