Joeseph Waldman, General Manager

Joe graduated Delran high school in 2002.He attended college at Atlantic Cape County college for culinary arts/hospitality management. His love for computers and gadgets drove him to change his career path from the service industry to IT. He attended an accelerated course for systems engineering and upon completion, met Brad and began working with him at Computer Housecalls. In January of 2011 Joe attended a course to learn how to fix gadgets such as, iPhone’s, Xbox’s, PS3’s, and iPod’s. He received his Certified Master Technician certificate from WRTC. His desire to learn continues every day, in between repairing computers and gadgets he spends time reading up on new technology and new techniques to fine tune his repair skills. The difference between Joe and “just some tech”, is the way he communicates with our clients. Most techs are rather technical and sometimes have trouble communicating with clients of all skill sets and all levels of knowledge. Joe doesn’t fit the normal “geek” mold, that is why he is a valued asset here at Ur Gadget Doctors.

Jonathan Coulter, iPad Master & Bench Technician

Jon has been with us since High School. His interest in electronic gadgets and gaming consoles makes him a great fit here at the shop. He has grown up in this environment and is very knowledgeable for his age.

Shanna Keller, Bench Tech

Shanna walked in one day to get her laptop fixed and she told us what was wrong with it. So we hired her. She comes to us after 9 years in the Air force managing multi million $ mobile hybrid satellite and telecommunication systems. Along with Computer network security capability we think she is an awesome fit to our growing business and team.