Our Water Damage Repair can rescue your device!

You've just dropped your phone in liquid! It's annoying and can also ruin your smartphone.

First thing, TURN IT OFF!

Press and hold the home button and power button for 10 seconds or until the screens goes off. Don't charge it or attempt to power it on.If you can, bring your phone to us immediately. We will take it apart, remove the water and then using an ultrasonic cleaning machine we'll remove the corrosion and the rest of impurities which can damage the delicate electronics inside the iPhone. If you can't bring it to us immediately, try to get as much water out as possible and put it in a dry place. (rice does not work) Bring it to us as soon as you can to have the logic board professionally cleaned.Please note that the ultrasonic corrosion cleaning process removes corrosion and impurities off the logic board. However, other components might be affected by the liquid damage. We will inspect your phone and advise if anything else needs replacing. You can then decide if you want to fix all the issues.

This is what water does to a phone in a day or two.

The sooner you get it to us the better the odds of a repair.